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#41 Simone Jackson: Secrets to Success by the Fab Grad, How to Find Your Dream Job, and Getting the Job You Deserve

February 5, 2020

Hey, Qwn! 

This week on the pod we are joined by Simone Jackson aka The Fab Grad. This is an episode filled with a WEALTH of knowledge about navigating your career post-grad, how to decide if grad school is for you, why joining an organization you are passionate about is important in your undergrad career, and more. 


This week's latest & greatest: 
Janine talks about Megan thee Stallion and G-Eazy's not so wild night, and Jerralyn finally purchased a diva cup - and LOVES it! It is life changing, ya'll! Simone's win of the week is that she has gone to the gym two days in a row and is prioritizing exercise. You go, QWNS! 

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